Video Production

I must have spent about 200 hours or so creating this short marketing promo video for FUNFILMCO, a production company that puts businesses right into a real movie production and they “star” in their own custom 10 minute short written exclusively around their business, the associates and their competitors.

This is a 4K HD custom video header with cinematagropher Benjamin L Ward that highlights many of the well known areas in Frisco, Texas.

This piece was was created to specifically play as a background video on a website for the IT company in Frisco that commissioned it.  They loved it.

This was a home renovation video that I created that shows many of the aspects of the steps that were taken to complete this particular project.

This was a video I created for Sataro Renovations and specifically highlights a residential roof renovation and replacement.

This piece is a custom marketing video IT Arkitechs in Frisco, Texas.

This short video was created as an intro to a web series that never got picked up.  It was shot in Austin, Texas and even stars my best friend John L Robertson who works together with me on many productions and musical projects, in addition to being a bad-ass guitarist.

This video was produced by Ed Trachier, CEO and owner of OnTarget Partners and was used as a kickoff for the company’s 2013 meeting.

The idea was to list all of the themes that have been used over the last 15+ years and then create a mock intro of the original Hawaii Five-0 TV show but substitute all of the characters with the OnTarget employees.

The first half of the video reflected last year’s theme entitled “Catch the Wave” with a reference to native Hawaiian and legendary surfer Eddie Aikau, along with the phrase “Eddie Would Go”.

We wanted to bridge last year’s theme with the new one entitled “Ride On” and in the second half of the video, have the surfer put down his surfboard, put on a leather jacket and ride a Harley. The eagle at the the end of the video is the same one that is embroidered on the jacket.

I created a storyboard, directed, shot, edited, mixed the sound and music, created the animation and chromakey green screen effects for the video. The project took close to 80 hours to complete. It took 12 hours just to complete the 8 seconds showing the surfer walking from the ocean to the beach.

This animated logo was created for Hot Spark Automotive in Austin, Texas. I wanted to make something lively and analogous to a souped-up racing car with sparks, flames and smoke!

This is a sample clip from The Hound of the Baskervilles play performed by St. Mark’s/Hockaday in Dallas Texas on November 15, 2014.  It was shot with a single 4K panasonic broadcast camera with no microphones, just live audio.

This short video was created for the 2014 kickoff theme for OnTarget Partners.

It was very challenging because I have to figure out how to composite everyone in his company and look like they were all at the world cup soccer tournament and in the stands cheering.

I had never heard of Lionel Messi before beginning this project.  He is an amazing soccer player and brilliant at his craft as you can see in the video.