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This was a fun opportunity to create branding that truly captures the intent behind what service this production company provides for it’s clients: Neon=FUN  Film frames with each letter in each frame and CO mirroring the simple yet effective familiar corporate visual.

GOAL Therapy Specialists

This design was based on the idea that this group of physical therapists can take a client from being bed ridden, to sitting up, to standing and to walking.  The colors used represent the medical healing blue to the energetic, vibrant and healing color of green to reach the GOAL to the right, which stands for Go On And Live.  This is a testament to the power of solid logo branding that is full of thought and a few layers of visual meaning behind it.

OnTarget Partners - 2018 Kickoff Theme

The idea was to create an image that represents the circular aspect of the naturally occurring annual change of the seasons and how you should embrace change in order to truly be successful and grow.

The date in the lower right was created using flowers and inspired by The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover.

Kickin' Kuisine - Food Truck Trailer Wrap

In addition to designing the logo branding, this was my first opportunity to design a food truck trailer wrap.  I love how the donkey turned out and printed really HUGE!

Empower Your Quest

I was helping a developmental psychologist design a logo that captured the spirit and the healing power of tranformation, using a butterfly, and a person helping another person to climb up higher with the symbol of shimmering light behind their connected clasped hands signifying connection and life.

Back On The Train - a tribute to the music of PHISH

I thought the perfect theme for this logo should based a “fan made” lot t-shirt.  And of course, the only other graphic elements it needed were a psychedelic soul train and donut flag to be complete.

OnTarget Partners 2019 Kickoff

in 2019, we decided on creating a kickoff design that replicated the Pac Man videogame from the 80’s.  The finished piece is an LED back illuminated, mounted and framed piece that lights up and looks just like a videogame, though it is about 6 feet long.

Hot Spark Automotive Parts

This logo branding was inspired by the way a spark plug ignites.  If you look at it closely, everything corresponds ti what each element would do and look like.

Crazy, isn’t it?

OnTarget Partners Case Study

I have worked with the CEO and owner of OnTarget Partners to help create the wonderful case study documents.

These are extremely powerful graphics that distill all of the key points of before and after as a result of targeted prospecting and marketing for B2B businesses.

WB Television Production of Supergirl

I had the fantastic opportunity to design a graphic in 2015 that would be used on crew shirts for the WB television production of Supergirl.  What a cool feeling knowing that your design was everywhere on that production.

Southcross Energy - Dallas, Texas

Back in 2012, I was given an opportunity to create a logo brand for a multi-million dollar energy company that was also a startup.  My initial ideas were to somehow make the SC and E combined into a singular shape so each letter can still be read within the shape.

It was a trip to see my logo on all of their pens, caps, nameplates on office doors and sandblasted onto giant panes of glass outside their office on the 30th floor of a hi-rise office building in Downtown Dallas.

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