I can distinctly remember watching a short film when I was in pre-school on a 16mm projector.  As soon as I saw the “oh so familiar” colored tweed background and the face of Mickey Mouse, Goofy or Donald Duck appearing, I remember turning to the kid next to me and whispering: “These are the GOOD Ones!”.

I didn’t know that these were made during the golden age of animation of the late 1930’s and 40’s or that they were drawn by legendary creative masters of the animation craft.

All I knew is that the motion was so fluid and flowing with detail, nuance and the characters seemed to be alive doing incredibly, amazingly impossible things.

I loved every single second of it.

He thought I was weird, seemed pretty uninterested and bored.

Below are some examples of animation I have created for clients and for my own personal business logo.  Pay attention to how I have layered the sound and how it being is used to help symbiotically connect with the visual as it unfolds visually.

To me, these animated logos are an opportunity to tell a visually moving story about the business and only in just a few seconds.