A friend gave me a copy of Boards of Canada’s “Geogaddi” back in 2005.  It took a while to really begin to appreciate them.  I couldn’t tell where they were coming from as artists.

When I finally bought the album “Music Has The Right To Children” did I truly love what they were expressing musically.  It clicked.  Immediately, I had to track down as many of their albums as I could find and wrap my ears around their sound.

I love their low-fi, imperfect analog loops and the audio tapestry they hypnotically weave between your ears.  I describe their style as a snowflake puzzle falling into place.  Each piece of the puzzle is totally different than the next and before you know it, everything is firing on all cylinders and has fallen into it’s perfect place.  The musical picture appears, it is timeless  and filled with a nostalgia-filled stroll down memory lane of old PBS shows and nature documentaries from the 1970′s and fuzzy, haze-filled color textures.

As a keyboardist and drummer, I can’t get enough of their electronic wizardry, rhythm samples and loops.  They are a completely creative inspiration to me.  I really wish they would release more music because I can’t get enough of what they create.