Today is a sad day.  It is almost 8 years later and I was thinking about one of my creative heroes, the legendary visual pioneer Storm Thorgerson,  hearing the news that he had passed away at the age of only 69 years old.

He was the man responsible for every Pink Floyd album cover, Led Zeppelin’s  “Houses of the Holy”, Muse, Alan Parsons Project and hundreds of others.

His style was unique and had a proprietary vision that was singular to him.  I loved the feeling I got with his imagery.  It was creative, full of hyper-surrealism, and promoted deep thought about the meaning behind the visuals.  Every little detail actually meant something.  There was a reason behind the madness.  He was considered the “Fifth” member of Pink Floyd.


Storm inspired me to become a professional artist.  The greatest compliment to me was when I was competing to design the Philadelphia based band The Disco Biscuits album cover back in 2009, was that out of all of the submissions, it came down to me and Storm.  They said we were the only ones that sent them actual sketches of our concepts.  And  on top of that, they said both of our styles and ideas were very similar in nature.


They decided to go with Storm because he wasn’t doing so well health wise, and time would be of the essence.  I wasn’t upset whatsoever.  How often do you find out that you came in second place to a creative genius who is also an artistic inspiration, besides being world famous for his album cover designs?  It actually gave me hope that, maybe one day, I will have the opportunity to inspire others through my artwork and music and film and carry the torch.