In November of 2010, I had the fortunate experience to perform a LIVE concert with my band Escher’s Elevator at The Interfaith Peace Chapel during it’s 40 days and 40 nights calendar of events.

Here is a Pen and Ink Illustration that was commissioned by Dr. Tim Seelig, who was the Director for Hope for Peace and Justice at The Cathedral of Hope church in Dallas, Texas:

Interfaith Peach Chapel – The Cathedral of Hope – Dallas, Texas

The concert was one of the best one’s we have ever had. The acoustics inside the Peace Chapel were extremely wet and perfectly conducive for ambient music. On top of that, I had the opportunity to play on a $30,000 rosewood grand piano!

We began the concert with an audio sample of a Buddhist prayer and The Teachings of the Buddha.

Here is a transcript of the Audio:

“Let us spend a few moments to reflect on the following teachings of the Buddha:

arogya parama labha santutthi paramaj dhanaj
Health is the highest gain.
Contentment is the greatest wealth.

These are truths which become more apparent as we grow older and wiser.

We all cherish good health and prosperity, among other things.
But, what do we do when we are healthy and prosperous?
We simply enjoy ourselves.

Little do we realize that these enjoyments do not last very long.

Our physical well-being must lead to a true sense of wellness in mind and body.

For this, we need to cultivate our minds.

When our bodies are still healthy, We must make use of every opportunity to tame and train our minds,
So that when the physical condition eventually deteriorates, when we become old and sickly,
our minds are strong and firm.

We will be able to endure pain and accept the challenges of old age.

Our body is only a vehicle for the mind to grow in wisdom and purity.

In a same manner, our material wealth should lead to spiritual wealth.

To grow in spiritual wealth is to grow in wisdom, in purity and blissful contentment.

To grow in virtues, such as reverence, humility and gratitude and true love in compassion for the world.”

These words are very inspirational to me. They resonate with a truth that every human being can relate to and aspire to in their life. It really puts things into perspective in a very matter of fact way.