Normally like clockwork, each year ends a week or so before Christmas just as everything begins to wind down and work from clients starts to wrap up. This year was a little different because projects showed up and continued through Christmas, through New Year’s and into the new year!  Personally, I actually like being busy so it is always a nice welcome.

Considering last year was filled with uncertainty, stress and isolation for the most part due to Covid-19 fears and transmission, my friends and I persevered through the entire cahotic mess, set up solid business frameworks, created amazing meaningful graphics, video and animation and have set the stage to have all of our hard work come to fruition and pay off the second quarter of 2021.

That’s when we will launch our brand new video production company Funfilmco,

In addition, I am working with another developer to launch a website development company for very affordable business websites, more feature film productions beginning next month in February 2021, and more animation, music and artwork to come throughout the year.

I feel extremely blessed to be working with a core group of such creatively talented people, who also happen to be lifelong friends. This is going to be the best year yet!