Kurt Kistler

Artist - Musician - Filmmaker
Manifesting ideas into reality since 1994contact


I have been an artist, musician and filmmaker my entire life.

From the age of 4, I have been drawn towards very detailed and colorful artwork, multi-instruments, animation and eventually visual effects, directing, cinematography, editing and soundtrack scoring.

Below are examples of my work ranging from illustration, painting, graphic design, video production and original music.


My style has been termed Multidimensional Hypersurrealism with Microdetail.
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Graphic Design

With over 25+ years working professionally as a Graphic Designer, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies and deliver success after success. 

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Video Production

I have been working for 15+ years writing, directing, shooting, recording audio, visual effects, editing and music scoring for award winning short and feature films

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Visual Effects

I have created visual effects for award winning short films.  My specialties are creating virtual 3D sets for motion tracking and digital compositing, recording audio, after effects animation and sound FX editing.

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I have been a composer ever since I started playing the piano at 10.  I have recorded over 200 original songs, played keyboards in 11 bands and scored award winning feature films.

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From animating the band U2 as bobbleheads, frame by frame, playing a concert at American Airlines Center to mind blowing after effects animations…Click HERE to read more.

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