I recently ran across the following video: Autotuned Mr Rogers – In the Garden of Your Mind.

“When I was a kid, I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and loved the “Land of Make Believe”.

It planted the seeds of imagination in my impressionable mind. The puppets, trolley, miniature sculptures, picture picture and feeding the fish. What a wonderful place to escape into for 30 minutes that took its time and let you soak up the messages…slowly and gently.  

It was very real to me.  And it was gentle, yet thought provoking in its messages.  I especially enjoyed that it took its time and wasn’t fast and struggling to keep your attention.

So, when I ran across this video, I was instantly transported back into the world created and nurtured by Fred Rogers.

 The music is really good and very catchy. It captures Fred’s amazing ability to inspire young minds through creativity and imagination. As an artist, those concepts are like air and water for me. They are the necessities of life.