I will never forget the day that I found out about Ozric Tentacles and how it changed my life.


It was October 1994 and I decided to go to my favorite independent music store called Forever Young Records located at the time in Irving, Texas.


I said I was looking for something new.  Something instrumental, progressive, maybe with synthesizers of keyboards. They said “Well, how about Pink Floyd?”  I have everything.  How about YES?  Same.  Heard everything.  What about Ozric Tentacles? I said “What?”  They repeated the name.  I had no idea what they were talking about.  Apparently, Arborescence had just come out. I listened to some of it and it was cool.  But then I saw the album Strangeitude.  



I put on the LP and listened with headphones.  Within less than 5 seconds, I knew that this was the music I had been looking for!

It had everything that I loved in music:  keyboards, all instrumental, ambient, electronic, extremely psychedelic, long tracks and all immersive.

So I went ahead and bought Strangetiude on CD and the guy checking me out said “You know…they just came from England to play at TREES in Dallas’ Deep Ellum music district last night.”

I couldn’t believe that and I missed it, it’s been 28 years later and they have yet to return to Texas.

Apparently, they are starting a brand new 2022 tour in the UK and most likely will be coming back to the US.

Their infamous 6 CD box set released around 1993 features their fictitious breakfast cereal wizard mascot stirring the Ozric Tentacles!  Kellogg’s was not amused at the strikingly similar image on their Corn Flakes box and immediately issued a cease and desist, making original boxsets very rare and valuable as only about 5,000 sets were released.

If you know anything about progressive rock, then you will definitely hear the Steve Hillage influence, Hawkwind and Psychedelic Ska and Reggae influences.

Building upon what had been created before, they have taken the torch and created a bridge to the past and continue to hurtle on through the future, now after some 35+ years as a musical entity.

tour edition I hadn’t listened to them in a while and recently purchased the limited two CD edition of their most recent album “Space for the Earth” and “6 Worlds”, which is a 37 minute long immersive musical journey into BLISS.

The second CD is simply amazing.  The Ozrics are doing something so magical and timeless.  The sonically swirling landscapes move through every cell in your body and mind. They touch your spirit.  

I am completely blown away at how wonderfully beautiful this new album is to my ears.  Yes, the band is not the same from the 90’s, but the music continues to create sonic landscapes and textures that swirl and pulse around you and send you deep into another place of both inner and outer space.