I dug deep into the past when I was a student an University of North Texas for 3 semesters and resided at Bruce Hall’s A-300 “The Country Club”.

It was such a wonderful time and we had a ton of fun.  There was always something going on and a plethora of creativity all up and down our hall.

We had monthly publication called The Toilet Paper and it would placed on the inside of the bathroom stalls only on our wing.

Everyone would contribute a little something to every issue.  I loved to draw so I immediately became a cartoonist and writer.

When I heard about our 30th reunion, I thought it would be fun to create a brand new one written around as many fellow Country Club members I could think of and funny situations.  A few fellow alumni provided some ideas and one even sent some of the original issues from 1987-89!

It had to look like the old mimeograph machines that printed everything in purple ink.  So, I proceeded to draw about 18 illustrations from memory and previous TP reference issues and found the golden nuggets of content and details that I would never be able to remember in a million years.

It took about a week working off and on, but it looks just like the old ones.  But after drawing, inking and laying out all of the text in a handwritten font to mimic the originals, it was finally complete. 

Our A-300 Country Club got together at Globe Life Field in Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers play the Detroit tigers. One of members is VP of Human Resources and scored a suite right behind home plate for us to hang out, eat and drink.

They put my BRAND NEW issue of the Toilet Paper on the wall in side the bathroom and mentioned for everyone to check out the bathroom, which of course prompted odd looks from all.  Once inside, they freaked out and started laughing saying “WHO DID THIS??”  Then someone said “KURT DID!”

It was hilarious and such a great reaction from everyone there.  I am glad it went over  well because it was created out of the many amazing experiences I had while attending North Texas for that brief period in time.