So, I first heard about King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard a few years ago now and thought I knew what they were about.  I was completely wrong.

Having been a fan of all types of psychedelic and progressive rock music for decades now, a friend cued up their latest studio album entitled “Onmium Gatherum” which was released in Spring 2022.

The opening track is 18 minutes of pure bliss and goes into an amazing array of sonic territories.  Suffice it to say, road trips are the best way to absorb their music.  They become the soundtrack to your surroundings and send you into an alternate reality where anything can happen.

Their albums can range from seemingly feeling like a continuous track on end, to full on electronica, jazz, metal, progressive rock, surf rock, garage band lo-fi, instrumentals and experimental studio trickery.

I find myself wondering sometimes if I am listening to the same band because the music can vary wildly from album to album, but remaining true to their intent of creating memorable music that makes you want to move.

After actively listening to their entire discography, which totals almost 20 albums  (5 alone were recorded and released in 2017!),  I have created a list of what I consider the best King Gizzard albums in order of musicality.

 Here it goes:

1) Butterfly 2000 – This album just puts a smile on my face because it is musically wonderful.  It is fully driven by synthesizers and has an electronic feel to the entire album, but with real drums and guitars. Amazing.

2) Polygondwandland – This album is full of progressive rock attitudes with odd time signatures, rhythms and jazz fusion attitudes.  You can hear the GONG, Hawkwind, Canned Heat, Ozric Tentacles, 

3) I’m In Your Mind Fuzz

4) Gumboot Soup

5) Quarters – Each song is exactly 10:10 – 4 tracks – equals 4 quarters.  I have never heard an album that was created to be like this one.  Each song is an adventure.

6) Float Along – Fill Your Lung – Extremely psychedelic.  

7) Nonagon Infinity – This album was created to be played back on repeat indefinitely.  Each song goes right into the next all the way until the last ending track, and then it goes right back into the beginning track.  The music has a driving momentum that stays consistent throughout this Incredible listening experience.

8) Sketches of Brunswick East – Full on Jazz listening experience.  Light and airy.  Is this the same band?

9) Paper Machine Dream Balloon – It’s like sitting in a psychedelic field on a beautiful day and watching the cloud roll by without a care in the world.  Lots of flute mellotron and a lighter approach towards their signature sound.

10) Fishing For Fishies

11) Chunky Schrapnel

12) Live in San Francisco ’16

13) L.W. – Explorations Into Microtonal Tuning Vol. 3

14) Oddments

15) Murder of the Universe

16) Willoughby’s Beach EP